This was Morris's most complex and expensive design requiring the most blocks. 


designed by William Morris, the selvedge printed in three places with Morris & Company, 449 Oxford Street, London W, hand block printed at Merton Abbey, the cotton ground with peonies and tulips and spotted acanthus leaves, all in shades of pale pink and yellow, the pointed leaves in blue and green, the red ground with a natural flower and leaf meander, 28 x 36 in or 70 x 37 cm


There is a split 2 1/2 or 6 cm to the bottom of the small middle peony.  You will see there is also a little damage to the lower right hand corner.


The identification address is in a straight line so this was probably printed at the time of it was designed in 1884.

  • Parry, Linda William Morris Textiles p 157 no 57

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