Make Do and Mend
Make Do and Mend
Make Do and Mend
Make Do and Mend
Make Do and Mend

Make Do and Mend

This Propaganda headscarf was recently included in Women Power Fashion exhibition at the Design Museum, London.

I have not seen this design before. It does not have a maker and I do not know who designed it. The design shows leaflets  with sayings being dropped from aircraft onto  British fields.  The cigarette burns rather add to the period feel of the scarf, when many many people smoked.



The silk rayon scarf screen printed with a patchwork of fields, with twenty different designs, including circles, squares, diamonds, waves, trellis, all with black imitation stitches, the leaflets with the following sayings:

Make do and mend/Don't be Fuel-ish/Save to make Bombers/Is your journey really necessary/Save fuel for Battle/Kill that Squander Bug!/ Back the attack/It all depends on me/Get stingy and lend for a dinghy.

all in lime green, mid and pale blue, pink fields the border in magenta, 28 in/27 cm sq.



An L shaped tear 2 in and 3 in plus a dog leg of 1 in. This has been supported with removable tape but shows some fraying. I am sure a conservator could do a better job. Nearby there is also a 1 in slit, which has not completely pierced the fabric. There is another 1/4 in L shaped tear and a very small darkish mark. These are all to the central field. The border hassome cigarettes burns. One with brown round it, another two and some much smaller pinhead type holes. A little slit 1/4 in and hole to another side.

Price: £125 | $160 | €140

Ref N°: 7998

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