A Girl's Pelisse
c 1780- 1810

A unusual piece of children's clothing.


of fine white cotton with a linear weave, the wide deep collar with double layer of ruffles, front flap opening secured with a button to the side, double breasted, gathered at the back with two cotton sashes, long sleeves with a single ruff and Dorset buttons, width 26 in or 66 cm; length 21 in or 53 cm.


Darned in two places at the front neckline, 1.5 in or 4cm, and 1.2 in or 3.5 cm in length. One tear would have been where the button has come off. The darning is very neat and was undertaken at the time the item was worn. There is one small orange stain on the left shoulder 1/4 in or 1/2 cm. Small tear of same size on frill right hand side, as you look at the dress.


  • Children's Clothes Claire Rose, fig 15, p 27.

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