Dutch Printed

Great pattern. I think the dress could have been worn in any Dutch town.Obviously a good alternative to wearing muslin in that cold windy country.


two piece, roller printed in a red and mid blue squared pattern cotton, probably French, filled with flower heads, some with spotted grounds, the large scoop neck with drawstring, front closure, a straight dart from the horizontal seam below the bust, the long sleeves gathered at the shoulder, slightly flaring at the hands, the back with seams from the shoulders to the centre high back seam, three silk covered buttons above pleating, further pleating to back of bodice, a narrow front fastening tie, the inside with a blue and white small linen check lining and bust covering


The bodice: The original drawstring appears to still be in most of the neckline but then a later one has also been added. The original has clearly broken and does not come to the end.

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