Embroidered Shoes

Very attractive colour combination. Similar Shoes and Slippers from Snowshill p 42 In Shoes Lucy Pratt and Linda Woolley on p 49 they state that these delicate shoes would have accentuated the shapelness of the leg, complementing the shorter styles of dress popular in the 1770's and 80's.


of bronze coloured silk grosgrain, the toes embroidered in twisted silk with a central fushia, pink and ivory silk carnation flanked by gold and ivory lillies and a smaller fushia and ivory flower below, shaded green leaves, the top seam binding, tongue, latchets and back seam of ivory grograin silk, the heel of ivory woven figured silk with a small diaper repeat, the soles of leather, linen lined, turnshoe construction, inside size approx 9 in or 23 cm; leather heel to toe 7 3/4 in or 21 cm


Very good just slightly overall grubby. Shoe 1 has a little damage to the front latchet which you should be able to see from the photo. Few feint darkish marks to the pointed tongue. There are some pinprick holes to sides of the latchets. Shoe 2 has similar pinprick holes to the sides of the latchets.


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