Gold Wide Braid
Gold Wide Braid

Gold Wide Braid
18/19th c

A very good quality bright gold braid, great for cushion or furnishing trim. I would like to sell all four lengths together.


Four lengths  of woven bright gold braid, with narrow lengths of beaten gold over a bright yellow floss silk ground, a diagonal design interspersed with flowerheads, the edges slightly scalloped. Totaling 23 ft; 7.8 m

 7ft 10 in; 2.4 m x 1 3/4 in; 4.5 cm deep

6ft 9 in; 2.05 x             "

6ft 8 in; 2.5m x           " 

3ft 5 in; 1.05 m           "

23 ft; 7.8 m


Very good. There are a few area of tarnish which could be cut out. I have allowed this in my measurements.

Price: on request

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