Huge Sleeved Print Dress
Huge Sleeved Print Dress
Huge Sleeved Print Dress
Huge Sleeved Print Dress
Huge Sleeved Print Dress
Huge Sleeved Print Dress


Huge Sleeved Print Dress

This Romantic style dress has the largest sleeves I have seen. Sleeve plumpers would have been worn with them.  Not only is the design of the dress unusual with the draped fabric over the bust, the fine muslin roller print is elegant, drifty and beautiful. It looks and feels very fresh.


With round neck, slight pointed waist, rouleau trim, centre boning with draped bust swags, the back with curving rouleau trim seams, back opening, no buttons or buttonholes, the cotton lining with covered buttons and embroidered button holes, the huge sleeves tightly gathered at the shoulder, cuffs with Dorset buttons, completely lined with cotton, very full skirt tightly gathered, deep hem lined in white cotton.

The fabric is fine cotton woven with a stripe with wider and narrower self coloured stripes, roller printed with a soft skeleton leaf design interspersed with acid green and teal coloured leaves.

Sleeve width 4ft; 1.20m

Waist 39 in; 1 m

Shoulder to hem 51 in; 1.30m

Hem Circumference 15ft 74 cm; 4.8



The bodice. There is a feint soft brown mark near the waistband on the left side as you look at the dress. The central baleen boning has come through the fine cotton. The skirt has similar light brown marks to the centre front but these cannot be detected, only with close scrutiny.

One of the bodice linings buttons is squashed. 3 Dorset buttons have markings. Ask for photos. Further two light brown stains centre front, but these don't show amongst the foliage of the skirt. 


Costume in Detail by Nancy Bradifled  p 155

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