Indigo discharge

This design was registered on 20 May 1882. This design was printed at Merton Abbey in Surrey. Of the nineteen patterns registered by Morris & Co between May 1882 and September 1885, seventeen were designed to be printed by the indigo discharge method. Brother Rabbit or Brer Rabbit was one of these. Wonderful to have a small piece of Morris & Co fabric. Parry, Linda William Morris Textiles p 49


Brer Rabbit designed by William Morris, the cotton indigo discharged and block printed with a thrush standing on a leafy bough surrounded by oak leaves, acorns and a carnation, actual fabric 5 x 3 in; 13 x 8 cm , now in a card mount with watercolour lines, 10 x 7 in.


There is a feint line of minute holes through the bird's throat, presumably stitching marks. Once hung this will not show.


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