Mrs Evans' Shoes
Mrs Evans' Shoes
Mrs Evans' Shoes
Mrs Evans' Shoes
Mrs Evans' Shoes
Mrs Evans' Shoes

Mrs Evans' Shoes

Delicious shape to copy. For someone who does not mind the wear on the shoes and can love and appreciate them for what they are. These would have been worn with a decorative buckle which would have looked splendid with the shorter dress styles then in fashion.

'Heels to bear the precious charge/more diminutive than large/slight and brittle, apt to break/Of the true italian make' *


The ribbed silk with a slightly raised double line weave, pointed toe and tongue, the tongue joined to the toe area with a horizontal seam, cross over latchets a seam to the back of the shoe,  bound with ivory silk ribbon, the Italian heel of wood covered with ivory satin, leather straight soles, all hand stitched, lined in natural linen, one shoe with Mrs Evans written in ink.

Toe to heel 8 in; 20 cm

Widest part of the sole 3 in; 7.5 cm


These were the palest shell pink which has faded to ivory. I suppose to produce the pink a rust coloured silk was used in the weaving. You will see it is popping through in places. Both shoes have some light water markings to the front sides.  The insides are worn and the back part of the shoe misshapen. You should be able to see the condition from the photos, but if not do ask. I can also send a video.


*The Seductive Shoe by Jonathan Walford p 38 mentions: From the English Gentleman's Magazine, 1776.

Shoes. An Illustrated History by Rececca Shawcross

Footwear by Alan & Vanessa Hopkins

Price: £900 | $1,100 | €1,040

Reduced to: £750 | $920 | €870

Ref N°: 1128

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