Phyllis Barron
Phyllis Barron
Phyllis Barron
Phyllis Barron
Phyllis Barron
Phyllis Barron

Phyllis Barron

Wonderful design. We do not know whether this was the only design Phyllis Barron produced for Rosebank Fabrics. It came in red, mid blue, mint green and ochre. An overal generously cut for lots of movement. I'm intrigued to know what sort of establishment provided these for its workers. I did just wonder whether Rosebanks's workers wore them and the marks are in fact dye markings.  This and the green overall came were bought from a dealer in  Manchester.  The fabric was manufactured by Rosebank Fabrics, a subsidiary of Turnbull & Stockdale, Rosebank Works, Ramsbottom, Lancashire. T & S were established in 1881, and according to the V & A  their hand block-printed textiles are some of the most interesting of the late 19th and early 20th century.



hand block printed mid blue cotton, a deep neck with dropped collar, the collar edge decoratively hand finished with white cotton,  short roomy sleeves, also hand finished with an elaborate looped design,  pocket to the right hand side, again finished with decorative hand sewing wrap round front with belt threading through side slit, to tie at the back, inside edged with blue bias binding.

back collar to hem 3ft 6 in ; 1.16 m; under sleeves 52 in; 1.3 m.


Well washed. Stronger colour inside. This overall is in much better condition. There are some very slight marks to the right bust area, as you look at the piece. The pocket has some darkish orange marks and there are a few more to the lower front. The slit for the belt is ragged and there is a large hole 3 x 1 cm just above.

Damage to above the pocket. Couple of other holes. We can conserve these if you wish.  Few light brown spots to the collar (rust?).


MODA (Museum of Domestic Architecture). BADDA 4253. for similar fabric also in blue.

Decoration October 1935 no 6, p 49

Designing Modern Britain, Cheryl Buckley (London 2007. Reaktion Books)

See my article on Barron & Larcher on my website site in ARTICLES.

Price: on request

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