Phyllis Barron
Phyllis Barron
Phyllis Barron

Phyllis Barron

Wonderful design. We do not know whether this was the only design Phyllis Barron produced for Rosebank Fabrics. It came in red, mid blue, mint green and ochre. Rosebank Fabrics were a subsidiary of Turnbull & Stockdale, Rosebank Works, Ramsbottom, Lancashire. T & S were established in 1881, and according to the V & A  their hand block-printed textiles are some of the most interesting of the late 19th and early 20th century.

Phyllis Barron mentioned a visit to Rosebank works in 1929 or 30. Thirsting for more colours, and a big indigo vat - partly also as a respite from the unpleasantness of nitric. She said Indigo has been the greatest thrill of my printing life.  Barron was not quite sure how to proceed so she wrote to Sir Thomas Barlow, whom I had met at the Red Rose Guild, and who was the head of the Manchester Cotton Board, and asked him if he could put me in touch with any of the indigo dyers - for Manchester then supplied indigo for Africa.  After a stay with Sir Thomas and Lady Barlow she was sent to the Rosebank Works, part of Turnbull and Stockdale's factory.  One assumes this is how she came to produce this design for them. Apparantly when Barron explained about the difficulties of finding out about dyes and printing Mr Turnbull invited her to the printing works where she met the chemist from whom she learnt a tremendous amount about dyes'. **

The fabric was bought in Manchester.  I think I have got the photo the wrong way up!!! On reflection it seems to me this is a vase of flowers?


hand block printed cotton in a soft red. Softer than photo.

3 ft x 7 1/2 in; 90 x 9 cm.


One side is faded, but the other side could be used, mounted up and framed.


MODA (Museum of Domestic Architecture). BADDA 4253. for similar fabric also in blue.

** My thanks to Sheila Leicester.

Decoration October 1935 no 6, p 49

Designing Modern Britain, Cheryl Buckley (London 2007. Reaktion Books)

See my article on Barron & Larcher on my website site in ARTICLES.

Penlee Mueum & Art Gallery - PEZPH 1992.1336 for this design in same colour.

Price: £135 | $180 | €160

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