Raised Work
17th c

Wonderful piece. Unusual subject matter and presumably embroidered by a Catholic family. I am afraid I have no provenance. The different patterns on the clothes and variety of stitches are finely worked. Original frame. I think I am justified in calling this Stumpwork or raised work because the pillars and house edging are all raised, as are the coiled beasties.


with a central grand house with pitched roof with smoke coming from the chimneys, the front door with arch and simple pillars worked in a lattice stitch, a mother in a red striped dress carrying a baby, the outer walls flanked by curled silk and silver wire pillars with gold wrapped beasties coiled round them, all on a chenille silk grassy ground, surrounded to the left by the virgin and child, a cockeral and a lamb worked in a coiled silk stitch, the right hand side with a hunter and dog, a frog or toad, also worked in coiled silk stitch, a bird perched on a branch containing a flower, dark stained frame, 11 x 17 in or 28 x 43 cm.


Very good. This has been re applied to a silk satin ground, as it would orginally have been, presumably because the original had rotted. There is some tarnish to the silver and gold threads but the coloured silks are good and strong.


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