Sanctus border
c 1880

Outstanding embroidery. Exquisite. The faces are the best embroidery I have ever had for sale. I feel sure an important designer produced this panel and a highly competent embroideress worked it.  Just wish I knew who!


extremely finely embroidered in fine floss silks with four different angels, wings outstretched and in slightly different poses, outlined with gold wrapped silk, Sanctus surrounded by leaves and goldwork, all on a terracotta silk velvet ground, the lower edge with pink, blue, green, ivory, black silk fringing, 10 x 83 in; 26 x 2.10 m


As you will see from the photos the pile to the very top 1 in; 3 cm has worn away. Some of the gold couching needs laying down. The embroidery is in excellent condition.


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