Spitalfields silk dress
Spitalfields silk dress
Spitalfields silk dress
Spitalfields silk dress
Spitalfields silk dress
Spitalfields silk dress

Spitalfields silk dress
silk 1750s

Difficult to know which section to include this dress. It is made from beautiful and typical Spitalfields silk dress brocade of the 1750s and would originally have been a polonnaise gown. The silk was probably designed by Anna Maria Garthwaite(1690-1763), but unless one can actually find an identical design, one cannot say for sure. The small woven designs of the 1750s were often altered in the 1840s for evening dresses. I think this happened to ours but was then altered again in the later 20th c, hence the machine stitching. Over the years I have seen many. Horrors they have machined the waistband in place. I think if you love the silk and don't mind the alterations this dress is for you. It would look pretty on a mannequin. 

From the collection of the late Mrs June Jeffreys (1928 – 2016) who married George William Eyre Jeffreys (1931 - 2019) in 1960. The house Newhouse, Redlynch, near Salisbury, Wiltshire, has been in the family for 400 years and many of the dress collection was inherited through Mr Jeffrey’s family.



The ivory ground woven with small sprays of shaded pink flowers in  slightly two different colourways, a background of self coloured brocade with satin stripes, coloured and self coloured flowers and leaf meanders, the skirt lined with a stiffish muslin.

The bodice with round neck and boning to the front, two bust darks, boning to side seams, a narrow machine sewn in shaped panel to waist, the back with hooks and eyes on a tape (later),

Hem 93 in; 2.36 m circumference.


As mentioned it has been altered.  The skirt is made up of 5 panels of even widths of 18 1/2 in;  47 cm panels.  The hem is edged with a machine sewn silk ribbon. I think if it was displayed on a mannequin, the underarm damage would not show, or we can get it conserved for you.

Looking at the panels from the front:

Panel 1  which takes up the whole of the front of the dress - is in very good condition.

Panel 2  at the side, has a large watermark approximately 20 x 20 cm round to the lower third of the panel.

Panel  3 has a 50 x 2 cm hole, half way down the panel.

Panel  4 has a very feint tea coloured small mark near the bottom 2.5 dia. There are also a few pin head dark marks.

Panel 5 - Has a small 2 cm diameter area of pale tea coloured mark with a pin head hole. There is also a very feint light mark to the right.

There is underarm markings to one side. The other side has more markings and tears to the silk.

Do ask for photos of damage.


This one has a similar sprig and stripe:



Price: on request

Ref N°: 8605

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