A great addition to a collection.

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The 17th and 18th Centuries p 200

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the ivory satin ground embroidered with a tudor rose and other flowers in three shades of silk, from fushia to palest pink, and couched with gold wrapped silk thread in two thicknesses, some bound in fushia and green silks, some with patterns in the leaves, the leaves in two mid and lime green and yellow, the top edge and lower curve edged with looped gold thread interspersed with silks, the back in a fine ribbed ivory silk, 12 x 9 in or 30 x 20 cm.


Very good. No tarnishing and no wear to the silks or gold thread. The background has a little wear here and there, mainly to the sides,  which you should be able to see from the photos.Above the rose there are a few threads, presumably to sew a small slit. These need to be removed.   Pinprick holes to the sides, where the stomacher was attached to the dress.

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