Syrian Ribbed Moire Silks

Syrian Ribbed Moire Silks
20th c

Exquisite, these lengths shimmer. Stripes with a moire or water silk effect, ideal for cushions, strong enough to cover a stool or chair seat. I bought these 3 metre lengths for a project which was not used. The lengths are not very old, but I bought them because I thought them exceptional. Other colourways on the website.


The first of pale blue ribbed moiré silk woven with a silver stripe.

The second of pale green ribbed moiré silk with three very narrow silver stripes between wider ones.

The third of purple ribbed moiré silk with narrow dark green, edged with silver stripes.

Each 10 ft; 3 m lengths x 19 in; 48 cm wide.

Each length £ 130.


Unused. Perfect.

Price: £130 | $140 | €140

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