The Stage of Europe
The Stage of Europe
The Stage of Europe
The Stage of Europe
The Stage of Europe
The Stage of Europe

The Stage of Europe

This satirical cotton handkerchief depicts cartoons of Napoleon's various campaigns.

It was a good colour for anyone taking snuff!  It was probably printed in London by an engraved copper plate printing. It is in the style of popular prints which denigrated Napoleon Bonapatre.






The red and yellow handkerchief with a octagonal centre portrays a number of individuals on a stage, labeled from left to right: Sweden, Russia, Napoleon, Prussia, Jerome, Confederation of the Rhine, and Austria. An audience looks on. The stage bears a plaque declaring it the Stage of Europe. Dec 1812. Above the stage are captions in English and German: VICTORY seized his sword as it fell from his hand, Saying EUROPE your freedom secure.Then hung it aloft in the Temple of Fame, A TROPHY to RUSSIA while time shall remain. Or the page HISTORY writes shall endure., all below a small plaque with Victory bequeathing a kneeling Europe a sword, while History transcribes the occasion, surrounded by eight panels framed by a stitch-like line, alluding to quiltwork.

From top right corner image, clockwise: (1) BONAPARTE meanly betraying his officers and cowardly deserting his Troops in Egypt Napoleon holding the mast on a small sailboat with people standing on shore and a ship in the background, above a small portrait of Herman Friese, one of four patriots shot at Bremen 5 April 1810.  (2) BONAPARTE ordering his troops to fire upon the Turkish Prisoners at Jaffa with a back view of Napoleon on his horse, a ine of soldiers shooting an an unarmed crowd. (3) BONAPARTE in Egypt professing himself a Malrometan and trampling on the Bible with three French soldiers cowering  and stamping on the bible, before a promintent Egyptian with hands upheld, another holding the Koran, above a portriat of a T.S. Christophe , One of ten patriots shot at Moscow 25 Sept 1812. (4) BONAPARTE receiving the cast off mistress of Barras with the command of the Army of Italy, a kneeling Napoleon kisses Josephine's hand led by an Italian officer outside a fort as troops of both sides look on (5) BONAPARTE wickedly and ungratefully depriving his Holiness the Pope of his Territorial Possessions, a crowned Napoleon stands, pointing a scepter at the Pope and others in front of throne, above a  portrait of Schill (6) BONAPARTE and the infamous Godoy defrauding Ferdinand the VII of his just right at Bayonne, various leaders from different countries around a table with a quill and papers(7). BONAPARTE destroying the Patriotic but unfortunate Toussant L Overture, with soldiers preparing to hang a chained man, above a portrait of Hoffer. (8) BONAPARTE after a mock trial ordering the Duke D Enghein to be shot. A battle scene in front of a fort, gunsmoke billowing around Napoleon with a kneeling, surrendered officer in the middle.

29 1/in 75 cm square.


Very vibrant colour and unfaded.  You will see in the middle of scene 8 there is a tear, which has been patched 5 x 1.5 cm widest. In one corner printed in ink is writing in German, but unreadable.

The second photo which appears puce, is not accurate. The handkerchief is very much


Anti-Napoleonic Cartoons 1812, Leo Baeck Institute Art and Objects Collection, 78.23

Printed Handkerchiefs by Mary Schoeser for Museum of London

Price: £350 | $460 | €410

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