Turkish Embroidered Mats
Turkish Embroidered Mats

Turkish Embroidered Mats
early 20th c

I have several of these mats, each pair has a different design. The embroidery has a two dimensional effect due to the direction of the stitches. Very fine workmanship. These small mats were worked by Muslim refugee women, displaced by the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-78. When the Ottoman Govenment's refusal to make reforms in its Serbian province, Russia and Romania had declared war on Turkey in April 1877. Tens of thousands of Muslins were forced to flee towards Istanbul, when the Russian army attacked the Caucasus and the Balkans. A year later a peace treaty was signed granting independence  to Serbia and Romania, but did not help the refugees housed in public buildings in Istanbul.  The Turkish Compassionate Fund was set up by a British charity, not only to feed the refugess, but to give the women threads, needles and undyed cotton to produce these mats. They were sold in Britain and I have seen their mention in Liberty catalogues.  Sometimes pastel coloured threads and even gold thread has been used. 

I am happy to sell two together either the same pair or one of each. Ask for more photos if you are interested.



embroidered in white floss silks with a central diamond containing a stylised flower and surrounded by geometric triangles, all on a cotton ground, the border with vandyked edge, each 7 in or 18 cm sq.




A pair £65

Stitches in Time by Jennifer Wearden. Article from Embroidery magazine.

Price: £65 | $80 | €70

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