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I am not sure I have found any indigo discharge print dyed cotton, which was not Morris & Co, so this is a pleasant suprise to find another company at the same period producing this distinctive and time consuming dyeing process. This came in seven different colourways.


With a diagonal design of upright mid green acanthus leaves on stems, some leaves with light pink speckling, with smaller tulips in pink, all on an indigo cotton ground.

1st length made up from four lengths. 8ft x 47 in; 1.8 x1.2 m.

From left to right. 3 1/2in ; 25in; 11 1/4 in; 6 in;  9 cm; 65 cm; 11 cm; 6 cm.

2nd length made up of four lengths. 8ft x 47 in; 1.8 x 1.2 m.

8 1/2 in; 17 1/2 in; 12 1/2; 13 1/2in ; 21cm; 45 cm; 33cm and 35 cm.   

Vertical repeats: 16 in; 40 cm. So three repats in each length.


1st length - There are some holes to the lower left hand length and the third length nearer the top. There is also some fading to outer panels. This panel has the widest length of fabric.

2nd length - Again there are some holes to the top right hand corner and several lower down. Fading to outer edges.  This length has slightly stronger colour.


Lewis F Day Joan Maria Hansen dates this fabric to 1892-5. My thanks to Keren Protheroe of Sanderson's Archive for pointing this out to me. It was produced in seven colourways.

Price: £350 | $470 | €420

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