William Morris designed Bird for the drawing room at Kelmscott Manor, where it can be seen today in the indigo colourway.  It can also be seen in the dining room at the National Trust property Standen, another Phillip Webb designed house.

Bird was one of four woven textiles produced by Morris & Co which featured pairs of birds. Inspired by Italian woven silks from the 16th and 17th centuries which were housed in the South Kensington Museum (now the V & A) where William Morris was an advisor, but also used the collections for inspiration in his designs.

This is a good long length and selvedge to selvedge, but there are some bad holes in it. It could be cut for cushions, chair seats etc, or the holes could be patched and it used for a portiere or door hanging or curtain.


Woven woolen double cloth designed by William Morris in 1878, handloom Jacquard woven at Merton Abbey, the background in shades of blue, the bird with burnt orange head and legs, light green and beige, birds amonst flowers and foliage.

8ft 10 in; x 4ft 3 in wide

2.7 m x 1.3 m wide


There are quite a few holes and some large ones listed below. Photos available of all.

Starting at top and working down the length.

A. Top left: a hole 10 x 10 cm. (This is 8 cm down from the top of the length)

B. Under top hole is a small hole 1.5 x 2 cm.

C. Below this is a 5 x 13 cm wide hole (48 cm down from the top) + 2 small holes to right, near the bird's breast.

D. 15 cm below above hole is another 5 x 10 cm wide and one small hole to the right.

E. To lower centre is a hole 4 x 3 cm

F.  A small hole size of a finger nail.

G.  On right hand side is 4 x 3 cm hole.

H.  Not a hole but area of wear 3 x 2 cm.

I.  Hole 7 x 8 cm.

J.  Hole 4 x 5 cm.





Parry, Linda  William Morris Textiles p 224

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