Beaded Patchwork Pincushion
Beaded Patchwork Pincushion
Beaded Patchwork Pincushion


Beaded Patchwork Pincushion
Early 19th c

A gem. This is most unusual design resembles a patchwork. By the late 18th century very fine needles were being produced which could thread minute beads. A very fine linen thread has been used.


the central panel with initials TIPP in maroon clear glass beads against a mid blue opaque beaded ground, surrounded by a white opaque border, the corners with stylised flower sprays, the main body of the pincushion with small 1/4 inch squares, using clear and opaque beads in green, grey, blue, mustard, pink, white, black, the corners with quatrafoils, attached to a coarse linen ground, small loops of beads threaded with linen thread and hanging from the sides, the lower section in brown cotton, the top 3 3/4 in; 9 cm, circumference 7 1/4 x 6 3/4 in; 19 x 17.5 cm. 


Very good. Some of the minute loops hanging down the sides are missing, but the top seems absolutely complete. A little dusty.  There is one pin still in the cotton section.


Beadwork Crabtree, Caroline & Stallebrass, Pam p 144

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