Christopher Dresser
Christopher Dresser


Christopher Dresser

The Wheel of the Law also called The Wheel of Truth exemplifies the crushing effect of Buddha's preaching upon all delusions and superstitions, just as a wheel crushes anything it passes over. There is just about one design repeat in the length. For similar see: Japan, it's architecture and manufacturers" by Christopher Dresser, c. 1882 (Longmans, Green & Co). Copy in V & A gallery. Similar piece in Arts & Crafts Textiles in Britain. An exhibitiion at The Fine Art Society, New Bond Street, item 13. Linda Parry of the V & A has seen this design before in blue. Probably a Lancashire printer and for the export market, presumably USA. Dr Elizabeth Kramer,a Leverhulme research fellow, Newcastle University who is doing research on the Aesthetic Movement suggests the design is similar to Dresser's tablecloth design Stork and Peony featured in the Art Journal 1891.


Cranes and Flowers printed cotton designed with Japanese and Chinese motif influence with cranes flitting amongst peonies, chrysanthums , a pomegranate bursting with seeds, butterflies, cloud bands and the Buddhist symbol the Wheel of The Law, with a fretwork ground, all in soft red on cream ground, 15 1/2 in; 39 cm sq.


Excellent part from one little cut 7 cm longwhich we will conserve if you wish for no extra cost by placing a fragment behind and hand stitching down, it will only need a few stitches.

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