Gentleman's Linen Shirt
Gentleman's Linen Shirt
Gentleman's Linen Shirt
Gentleman's Linen Shirt
Gentleman's Linen Shirt


Gentleman's Linen Shirt

Inked on lower side of shirt just about the side opening is R Comr   , no 20, although very hard to read. As usual on these early shirts the seams are narrow and perfect, the details such as gussets exquisite and altogether a work of art! The feel of the linen is cool and weighty.


The deep collar folding down, two small mother of pearl buttons and a furhter button to the slit front, covered by a double very fine cotton frill, the main body of the shirt tightly gathered into the collar, the shoulders with inverted gores and a double thickness panel from neck to arm, the sleeves tightly gathered in a vertical band round the armhole, a deep gusset under the arm, the deep cuffs gathered into the sleevwes, one mother of pearl button to the cuff. very full body with side slits with small gussets.

Shoulder to hem 37 in; 94 cm

Underarm circumference 64 in; 1.73

Front width 34 in;86 cm.


Very very good. A good colour ie. not bleached. Just below the central opening are two very small pinhead size rust coloured marks. There is a pinhead hole to the right. Ther are two other minor pinhead marks to the front.


Eighteenth Century Clothing at Williamsburg by Linda Baumgarten p 51


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