Jacqmar Americans in London
Jacqmar Americans in London
Jacqmar Americans in London
Jacqmar Americans in London


Jacqmar Americans in London

The American Forces in London.This scarf was designed and produced as a suitable gift for members of the American Armed Forces to buy and send back to the States as a gift – a souvenir from England. The United States entered the War against Germany, Italy, Japan and their allies at the end of 1942 and by 1943 substantial numbers of US soldiers, sailors and airmen were stationed in Britain. By that time Britain was in the fourth year of the War and her population, cities and ports had suffered almost nightly aerial bombardment. This scarf is interesting because it shows how one designer wanted to portray the spirit of London and Britain, to its new ally. The main sights of the capital are here and the US Embassy has been included to appeal to the potential buyers. The armed forces of many nations found a temporary home in Britain shown by the French figure in this design together with a kilted Scots soldier. There are also two soldiers of the Home Guard, a typical policeman and a bowler-hatted businessman.The scarves fall into three main thematic groups of the armed forces, allies and home front.


designed by Arnold Lever for Jacqmar, the border with ten scenes of London during WW2 Bits of Blitz, St Pauls, Home Guard be careful, Westminster Abbey, Houses of Parliament, Piccadilly, The U.S. Embassy, Hyde Park and the speakers 'The American Forces in London by Jacqmar, the caricatures are yellow with pale pink, green, white and outlined in black, printed rayon with a rolled hem, 2ft 10in or 84cm square


One small stain below Hyde Park, and two stains which look like they would wash out at the edge of the cerise border - one under the signature and the other below Home Guard be Careful, both 1in or 2.5 cm long. One mended rip 1in or 2.4 cm long by the motor car, 8in or 20cm from the edge, which is hardly noticeable.


V & A collection T 1-2003

Imperial War Museum

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