dated 1718

 In the 1980's we purchased a large accumulation of period textiles from the daughter of a lady who had lived in London during WW2. The daughter said her mother had been a collector/dealer of textiles.  After the war the mother came to Canada to live with her daughter in Halifax and brought a lot of her treasures with her.  We never knew either of them before.  We first met the daughter at a Halifax area show/sale where she was trying to wind up her late mother's estate and sell  these things - and not having much success. (Vintage textile items such as these are very rare in Halifax and there is almost no market for them here) 
We had a couple of visits to her home to see what she had and ended up buying a very large amount of items including many fans, assorted laces, period clothing articles, oriental items, and several samplers including the Elizabeth Phippard 1695 band

Similar see: Costume Cloe Ups (see Bibliography) p 65


with a central upright exotic Oriental style flower with a twisted stem emerging from from  a small hillock with four plants emerging from the base, further flower stems above, all in shades of deep pink, pale pink, green, yellow, orange and blue on a twill weave wool and flax ground, the pocket opening edged with brown cotton, the back pieced, 12 1/2 in or 32 cm long.


The coloured wools are very bright and fresh as when the piece was embroidered. The background is a little grubby. There is a small mark to the right of the central flowerhead. I have no idea whether a conservator could remove this. I am sure cleaning would freshen the pocket. The centre lower edge had come away so we put a few stitches to hold it back into place.

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