Sarah Jemima Morris
Sarah Jemima Morris
Sarah Jemima Morris
Sarah Jemima Morris
Sarah Jemima Morris


Sarah Jemima Morris

This sweet sampler has a charming oval with a young girl stroking or feeding a sheep. The verse appears in 18th century books on home management. Also in the Child's Best Instructor, 1756.  The verse appears to have been widely used on samplers.*  Framed in the original 18th century carved wood frame and glass. 


A verse above the oval of the small girl wearing a cream hat and dress sitting under a tree with a sheep, a house and flying birds behind, above a scroll Sarah Jemima Morris 1796,  the oval surorunded by leafy flower trails, the whole  surruonded by a meander border with upright flowers, worked in green, blue, cream, ochre, soft red, taupe, black, embroidered in silks on a wool ground.

Virtue's the cheifest beauty of the mind;The noblest ornament  of humankind; Virtue's our safeguard and our guiding star; That stirs up reason when our senses err; Tell me ye knowing and discovering few; Where I may find a friend both firm and true; Who dares stand by me when I'm in deep distress; And then his love and friendship must express.

Original craved eighteenth century frame and glass.

18 x 15 in; 46 x 39 cm wide


The verse is difficult to read because some of the words have been embroidered in pale silks. The oval with the girl is very charming. I have enjoyed having it on my wall for a number of years.

We have had this hand sewn to calico, stretched over acid free board and put back in the original frame. The corners of the frame have a little wear.


Fitzwilliam, Cambridge. A later sampler by Elizabeth Wade, aged 13 in 1824 T172-1928.

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