Trapunto Stomacher
Trapunto Stomacher
Trapunto Stomacher
Trapunto Stomacher
Trapunto Stomacher


Trapunto Stomacher

What a lovely shape and design the whole surface being quilted and embroidered, with many different fillings. Cord quilting also called Italian quilting.   A seal is attached to this piece with Miss Margaret Johnston. 14st. 10th st. Although this piece was bought in America it is probably English.


With a central exotic flowering plant, each leaf worked in a different pulled work fillings with flowers on long stems emerging from the top, sides and base of the piece, the background filled with cord quilted lines, linen threads on cotton ground, the backing of slightly coarser linen.

Length 12 in; 30 cm

Width widest at top 10 in; 25.5. cm


No tears but there are two stains which you should be able to clearly see, to the right hand leaf of the large flower and just below. 


For similar see Historical Fashion in Detail. Avril Hart and Susan North p 201.

Embroidered with white Heather Toomer p 121

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