Woman's Dated Hood
Woman's Dated Hood
Woman's Dated Hood
Woman's Dated Hood


Woman's Dated Hood

Lovely to have her initials ME and the date of 1684. Beautiful in its simplicity. It reminds me of the women's hoods in Margaret Attwood's, The Handmaiden's Tale, recently televised on British TV. This was bought in the UK.


Fine linen hood embroidered with initials ME and dated 1684 at centre top, the curved hood with a central back seam, with deep brim 5 in; 12.5 cm, with five deep gores for the shoulders, French seams throughout.

From back head to brim front 12 in;30 cm

From top to hem 191/2; 50 cm.


Very very good condition, clean and fresh, apart from one small hole, the size of a plastic pinhead and a larger one 3/8 x 2/8 in; 1 x .75 cm flanked by three more small holes. Ask for photos. There is a slight stain near the initials,, but the photo has accentuated it.  Perhaps a conservator could remove it.





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