Woman's Medieval Shoe
Woman's Medieval Shoe
Woman's Medieval Shoe
Woman's Medieval Shoe


Woman's Medieval Shoe
16th c

The shape of the left shoe can be quite clearly seen. This is quite small so probably for a woman, or a young adult.

The Northampton Shoe Museum, UK has one which they date to 1540*


The rounded toe with a decorative line across the toes, formed by the insertion of a rounded strip of leather, a small metal ring to the right hand side, the opposite side for the leather strap, a central back seam, the sole crudely sewn with twine.

Toe to heel 7 1/2 in; 9 cm

Widest across sole 3 in; 7.5 cm


Clearly misshappen with missing strap. The sole has a hole to the toe area and a big hole to the back. 2.5 cm dia.


Shoes by Rebecca Shawcross p 121. They call it a woman's leather footbag!

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has a similar shoe. Accession no. 29.158.899.



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