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Morris Cherwell

This sumptous  and stunning velveteen was designed by John Henry Dearle and hand block printed at Morris & Company's  Merton Abbey works. It was also printed on cotton. Names after the Oxford river. As you will observe they have 449 Oxford Street shop details on the selvedges, where the shop operated from 1877 to 1917.

These lengths have been professionally cleaned and are ready for use. Strong enough for upholstery. Two lengths are in very good condition, one damaged and two quite damaged, so could be used for cushions. Let me know if you are only interested in one length. The background shade is more green than the brighter blue shown here. The colour on the photo showing two long lengths is correct.  I can always send you a snippet for you to see the colour. They are not complete widths, the original being 36 in; 91.5 cm wide. I have several small pieces of this suitable for framing. There was a matching wallpaper Double Bough. Please ask.


Reg Morris & Company, 449 Oxford St,W1. The rich green with a touch of blue ground is hand wood block printed with shaggy chrysanthums, thistles, campion and other flowers with huge acanthus leaves, all in soft orange with soft black outlines.

1. 8ft 6 in x 25 1/2 in; 260 x 65 cm

2. 8ft 6 in x 25 1/2 in; 260 x 65 cm

3. 8ft 6 in x 25 1/2 in; 260 x 65 cm.

4 & 5 - Small pieces suitable for cushions. Ask for photos.


Originally these were curtains which we unpicked. I had the selvedges flattened when cleaned, but depending on what you want to do with them, these might need to be folded back under, because there are marked fold lines. Fine for document. For upholstery the selvedges could be removed.

1. Very good condition apart from the very sides which were turned under when curtains.

2.  Very good, same as above. One small hole lower right hand side.

3.  Same as above. Split 13 in; 33 cm long. Located 4ft 1/4 in; 30 cm down on left hand side, which really needs to be taken off. If the lower damaged section was removed it would leave two full repeats.

4 & 5. Badly damaged suitable for cushions.



William Morris Textiles Linda Parry p244, item 66

Morris & Company. Christopher Menz. Exhibition at the Art Gallery of South Australia.

Price: on request

Ref N°: 8819