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Dresden Apron
Mid 18th c

Can you imagine having the patience to embroidery so finely the seven different leaf fillings to either side of the apron? A beautiful quality decorative apron worked on the finest Indian muslin.


The fine Indian muslin edged with seven leaf motifs, each with a different filling of drawn thread work and embroidery, the edges with minute French knots, between small repeat double flower motifs, the lower corners with a larger embroidered flower flanked by two leaves, the very edge with hand embroidered loops,  cotton embroidery, the top gathered into a band.

Length 39 in; 1 m

Waistband 21 1/2 in; 55 cm.

The hem 4ft 3 in; 1.3 m


Basically very good condition. Clean and fresh. There is a small slit 1 in; 2.5 cm to the lower right hand side, which could do with a little support. The lower right corner has a little wear 1/2 in; 1 cm. Another very small hole to the corner on the plain muslin. Ask for photos.  To the lower left plain muslin is another small hole 3/4 in; 2 cm. Further up on the plain muslin are two very small very old darns each 1/4 in; 1 cm.


Embroidered with White Heather Toomer, Chapter on Dresden work.

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