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Netted Ruffles/Frill
Late 18th c

and a inner bodice neck frill. These were probably made by a leisured lady for her own use. I expect the frill was gently gathered and stitched to the inner bodice. I have only seen one of these before in linen.


The pair of ruffles in natural cotton with ornate lace effect lower edges.

Approx 29 x 4 in; 70 x 10 cm lower edge. The ruffles are quite stretchy.

The frill 66 x 3 in; 1.9 x 8 cm 

Both the ruffles and the frill are quite stretchy.


Extraordinarily and suprisingly in very good condition.  I can see nothing wrong with the sleeve ruffles. The frill has one hole near the lower edge, but really that is all.

Price: £400 | $510 | €470