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Charles I Stumpwork
c 1660

A Stuart period embroidery, commonly called Stumpwork, which is a Victorian term.  For an enthusiast who cannot afford the thousands it costs to buy an example in really good condition. You can either enjoy the picture as it is or the embroidery could  be removed and re stitched to an older looking ground. This was possibly worked for a bethrothal.



embroidered raised work (stumpwork) with a couple, he is Royalist uniform, cap in hand and holding his sword at his side, the lady in a shaded blue gown, both standing on an island in the middle of a pond, where ducks are swimming, a bridge to the land, a large castle in the left hand and a church and house amongst trees to the right hand side, all within an oval cartouche with shell motifs, all in shaded silks and with raised coiled threads for the foliage, french knots and seaweed effect for the island and 9 x 11 in wide or 22 x 29 cm wide, old frame 11 x 13 in or 28 x 34 cm wide.


This piece has been removed from its original silk background, probably because it had perished and re applied to a new cream satin, possibly in the 1950's. The new stitches are not good. The man has one boot missing.  The embroidery has been crammed into this very nice 18th or early 19th century frame. See Comments.


I have lots of pieces of old satin which could be used and I would be happy to give some to whoever buys the piece.  A larger frame then needs to be bought or made.  This would be a nice project for someone! Or I will get it re stitched if I do not sell it as is.  It would not be a difficult job.