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Painted Bride's Garters
Late 18th c

These are delightful. Have you noticed how popular bright yellow silk, or Chinese Imperial yellow was during the Georgian period. So many small accessories are backed with this colour. These seem quite small to go round the leg under the knee, but then they would have been worn by a young bride who might only be 18 years of age.


the beige velvet hand painted with an oval containing two doves, surrounded by full blown roses, leaves and forget-me-knots, all in pink, two shades of blue, green, with grey silk ruched elastic to the right hand sides, with base metal clasp and catches engraved with leaves to both ends, edged and lined with rich golden yellow silk, 1 ft x 1 1/4 in  or 30 x 3.5 cm


Very good.


Mackenzie, Althea Embroideries from Snowshill , p 32 for similar but embroidered garters.