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Boys at play
Late 19th c

This delightful sleeveband was in my collection. Since moving to a house with more windows than walls, I reluctantly have to sell some pieces. This subject expresses the hope of numerous boy children.


finely embroidered with forty nine small boys at play in gardens, some playing blind man's buff, playing symbols, ball, riding a horse, spinning a top and other pursuits, their robes embroidered in a variety of patterns, some Peking knot and gold wrapped silk couching, in shades of apricot, blue, yellow, green, ivory, and brown on an ivory satin ground, 26 x 8 in; 67 x 20 cm.


It has been hand stitched to calico ground, stretched over acid free board and a mount, all ready for a frame. The background is very slightly marked, but this does not show due to the activity on the sleeveband.