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Short Jacket
c 1800-10

This jacket is made from very interesting fabric. The weave is fairly loose and the design is imitating Indian hand blocks, both in colouring and motif, but I think it is a French hand block print.  The double set of eyes to the inner bodice, so it could be let out, makes me think this was for maternity use. This type of jacket would have been worn by a working woman over a skrit.


The light ochre background hand block printed with a small repeat pyramid shaped flowerhead in rust with black stalk.

The three quarter jacket with gathered tape low neck, front opening to pull across and be tied with pale ochre colour striped linen tapes, the full skirt with large inverted Vs at the sides, the back bodice with deeply inset sleeves, V shaping, two embroidered loops, the skirt with a deep pleat centre back, short sleeves, the bodice lining of coarse cotton with two flaps, to cover the bust, with brass hooks and eyes, with a further row of embroidered eyes, the jacket lined with same coarse cotton. 

Shoulder to hem 33 in; 84 cm.



The two linen tape ties have been resewn to their current positiion. I feel perhaps they were joined together threaded through the loops at the back of the jacket and tied in front.

The fabric is slightly patchy, appearing slightly stronger ochre in places.