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Elizabeth Spoffotth
Mid 17th c

A signed 3 ft long band sampler in good unfaded colours and with reversible embroidery. The first section of designs would have been copied from printed pattern sheets. Whitework required concentration and skill and an experienced needlewoman. We shall never know why the sampler was unfinished.


Starting from the top and working down, rows of designs, down to some fleur de lys, followed by a horse?, pairs of birds in trees and on the ground, a further row with a female and male spotted deer and birds, above the alphabet and numbers, a row of geometric designs, in bright scarlet, mahogany, mid and dark blue, acid and forest green, bright and chrome yellow and snuff wools, Elizabeth Spoffotth in green silk with the last two letters in yellow silk, then a length of plain natural linen with a line of flamestitch, all above a deep panel of whitework including cut and drawnwork and needlelace in four different designs, and three embroidered panels, all on a natural linen ground.

3 ft x 5 1/2 in; 92 x 14 cm


The upper section of rows of stylised designs have some wools missing. The top right hand corner has a small hole. The centre panel with the deer, horses and birds is in very good condition, wonderful bright coloured wools. The alphabet row has T and U missing thread. The plain linen area has a stain to the left hand side 1 x 3/4 in; 2.5 x 2 cm. The lower whitework area is in very good condition.


Samplers by Clare Browne & Jennifer Wearden

Samplers by Rebecca Scott


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