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Chemise for Sport
c 1800

I have not seen a short chemise like this before with the loops and tape tie. I feel it was worn by a young girl in her teens for sport, perhaps archery or riding.   She would have worn this next to her body, with a corset or stays over it. The flaps would fall over the corset or stays, to stop the top of the corset chaffing against her skin, and the loops threaded with the tape tie would have kept it in place. Usually with adult chemises there are no loops and ties. The small triangle of fabric fastened by a button on each shoulder , would appear to hold a stay strap in place, but the width is very narrow 1.5 cm, and I would have thought a stay strap was wider.  Any ideas?


Of fine linen with large square neck, flaps to front and back, the front with two linen tape loops, the back with tapes, brought round the chemise, threaded through the loops to secure in place, the sides with small V sections, to allow for movement, the short sleeves with frills, the top with a V section secured by a linen covered button. 

Shoulder to hem 13 in; 34 cm

Under arm 30 in; 76 cm.


Mint condition and I would say unused.