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Wiener Werkstatte

This little purse was bought in Austria and we feel it to be Wiener Werkstatte. More than 80 designers contributed to the WWs output over thirty years and there was a huge range in designs. The WW had a number of shops not only in Austria.





The small pouch with an angular design of straight interconnecting lines topped with stylised flowers and a spray of leaves, in deep red, dark blue, two shades of green, tan, brown and black beads, the background in gold beads, the crochet top in snuff colour cotton, with green twisted cord ties (replacements) 

4 x 2 3/4 in; 10 x 7 cm




Wiener Werkstatte : Design in Vienna 1903-1932  by Werner J Schweger. Thames and Hudson 1985

Textiles of the Wieiner Werkstatte 1910-1932 by Angela Volker. Rizzoli New York 1994

Wonderful Wiener Werkstatte : Design in Vienna 1903-1932 by Christian Brandstatter. Thames and Hudson 2003

Price: on request

Ref N°: 760