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Turkey Red

Possibly printed by Turnbull & Stockdale.  Could it have been designed by Lewis F Day? I have many pieces of this fabric, made up into seat covers. They would make great cushions or could cover the seats of chairs. 

The two shades of red were achieved through a weak discharging solution applied in a pattern through two lead plates, to create a lighter shade of pink on the red ground.*  Turkey red was a fast dye and therefore washable and popular for household fabrics. Manchester firms produced Turkey Red but also three firms in the Vale of Leven, near Glasgow Scotland.


Large trumpeted flowers and leaves in pink on a rich red cotton ground.

1. 18 1/2 x 16 in; 47 x 40 cm widening to 18 in; 46 cm + the skirt 6 in; 15 cm deep to three sides, piped.  

2. Another similar but with  a small hole to one side. Ask for photo.

Then there are 6 covers with fabric both sides, piped, with one end open 18 x 2 in; 46 x 53 cm. The top curved.

Pattern repeat 28 cm wide and high. 



Very good.


* Colouring the Nation. The Turkey Red Printed Cotton Industry in Scotland c 1840-1940

Stana Nenadic and Sally Tuckett. p 13 National Museums Scotland acquired The Turkey Red Collection in 1960. It contains 200 patterns books from 1830s - 1940s with around 40,000 textile samples.