Rare, unusual and interesting antique costumes and textiles; for museums and collectors looking for that extra special piece, for new and established collectors and for those with a modest budget who want to adorn their person or home.

Probably Turnbull & Stockdale

I have many pieces of this fabric, made up into seat covers. They would make great cushions or could cover the seats of chairs.  Were they esigne by Lewis F Day?


Large trumpeted flowers and leaves in pink on a rich red cotton ground.

1. 18 1/2 x 16 in; 47 x 40 cm widening to 18 in; 46 cm + the skirt 6 in; 15 cm deep to three sides, piped.   £ 55

2. Another similar but with  a small hole to one side. Ask for photo. £ 35

Then there are 6 covers with fabric both sides, piped, with one end open 18 x 2 in; 46 x 53 cm. The top curved. £ 65 each



Very good.

Price: on request

Ref N°: 8311