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Royal Stewart Hard Tartan

Hard Tartan is rare.  It is woven from stiff worsted wool, the fibres combed into alignment before being spun into a yarn. The resulting yarn is smooth and cool and will weave into a crisp looking and heavy wool cloth, ideal for kilts or coats, being extremely warm and waterproof. The fabric will have been woven by Wm Wilson and Son of Bannockburn*

When King George IV visited Edinburgh in 1822, Sir Walter Scott, who was involved in organizing the celebrations, called for everyone to be plaided and plumed’** in tartan.




Woven in scarlet, sage green, yellow and off white with worsted wool.

4ft 8 in  x 25 in; 1.4 m  x 64 cm selvedge to selvedge


In remarkabble condition consiering it is wool. I can find around 30 holes from pin pricks to end of a pencil size (6).