Rare, unusual and interesting antique costumes and textiles; for museums and collectors looking for that extra special piece, for new and established collectors and for those with a modest budget who want to adorn their person or home.


More wonderful lengths of glazed cotton. There are two longer lengths and two shorter. Lovely rich colours.This length is glazed indicating it has never been cleaned or washed, although it has been used because there are minute holes from stitching to the selvedges.  Cotton was glazed for furnishing textiles, mainly blinds and curtains. The fabric is passed between calender rollers at high temperatures and pressures to create the glaze, which repels dust.


Each panel with a meandering tree filled with full blown roses, shaded in crimson and off white and cream with blue green leaves, touches of pink, brown, black and ochre, the design outlined with a picotage or pinning with leafy sprays, all on pale creamy ground.

1 lengths at 3ft 8 in 7 x 2 ft 1 in; 1.10 x  x 64 cm  selvedge to selvedge.  1 full repeat.

2 lengths at 9ft 4 in x 2ft 1 in ; 2.85 x 64 cm selvedge to selvedge. Each with 3 full repeats starting at same place.


The longer lengths. One length has a pin head hole near the top. There are a few minor minor light brown spots.

The background colour of all the outer edges of all four lengths have approx 6 in; 15 cm wide area of very very slightly darker shade.  The inner edges have in past been sewn together by hand, so there are pin pricks.



Textile Printing by Joyce Storey

Price: on request

Ref N°: 8423