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Heraldic Appliqué
Mid 19th c

Highly decorative and unusually large, which would really stimulate conversation. On the back is a small label saying coat of arms of the Glynn Family, although on searching, it bears no resemblence!  If anyone knows anything about this piece I would be delighted to hear from them.



A black ship from which emerges the armorial shield, the top with a sweet brown dog sticking out his pink tonque, flanked by a black and white bird, above three armour helmeted heads, a full faced and two sides, all above the coat of arms divided into nineteen rectangles by light brown silk tape, containing lions in a variety of poses, crosses in various forms, a bird, all surrounded by large cutout shapes, a motto Ou Bien Ou Rien ( Tout .....means All good or nothing), using felted wool in scarlet, mid blue and navy, being, ivory, black and pink, all the felted applique shapes edged with narrow silk tape, the back with scarlet felt.

42 in x 31 in; 1.06 m x 79 cm including frame.


Very good. A few off the ivory tape silk which has been used round the appliqué pieces is a little worn, indicating the piece was not put in the frame at the time it was made. These are hardly noticeable.  Very nice frame which looks like ebony and gilt slip. I do not know how old this is but it has quite a lot of age I would say. The whole piece has been framed well.