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Blue Coat & Wig Bag

Beautiful English tailoring. The coat is woven from very fine facecloth and padded to give the wearer a fashionable chest.* The coat edges have been turned under the silk lining. Sometimes they have been just cut. A particularly nice and rare feature is the black silk wig bag and rosette attached to the back neck of the coat. Family provenance available. The embroidered waistcoat would go well with the coat.


Dark navy facecloth with slightly curved high collar, six cut steel buttons to the curving front, faux black corded strips to resemble buttonholes,hooks and eyes, the shaped faux pockets with three similar buttons, waist seam,  the shaped sleeves with deep cuffs with similar smaller buttons, the back with two deep pockets either side of the central flap, all below two buttons on the waist seam, lined in twill weave silk, the bodice and neck with quilting and lambsdown filling.

Cut steel buttons 1 in; 2.5 cm diameter.

Back top collar to hem 39 in; 1 m

Small. 39 in; 1 m from front, under armhole right round the back to the other front.


The blue wool is in very very good condition. There is one hole, the size of a pencil top, under the left sleeve, half way to the waist.  It always seems the silk linings have worn. The neck area needs a little conservation. The silk has perished under one arm. Do ask for photos.



The waistcoat. For similar Waistcoats From the Hopkins Collection. c 1720-1950 p 100.

* What Clothes Reveal by Linda Baumgarten p 32/3.

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