Rare, unusual and interesting antique costumes and textiles; for museums and collectors looking for that extra special piece, for new and established collectors and for those with a modest budget who want to adorn their person or home.



This piece has been mounted onto acid free board and edged with a offwhite tape, to "frame" the piece. It looks great. Ready for a frame - a standard plain black 50 x 40 cm one would look good.


With a horizontal linear design depicting different nations railway carriages including The Royal Scot, British Railways; Rapido, Ferrovia Italia; Eireann Railways; Deutsche Eisenbahnen; SNCF Companie de Wagon Lits and again The Royal Scot, with scenes at tables and in carriages, with amusing national characteristics, in blue and white cotton.

18 x 14 in; 46 x 36 cm.



Excellent. You might notice the print slants slightly to the left. This was a printing error. In fact it adds to the sense of the trains movement.