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Polish Sash Pieces
18th c

Three pieces from a Polish gentleman's sash which would make glorious cushions.

Probably woven by Prelle & Cie of Lyon, France for the Polish export market.

High quality woven Kontush sashes woven with silks and gold, were worn by Polish noblemen as part of their national dress during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The design originated from Persian sashes. They were always designed with slightly different colouring on the left and right hand side. It was folded down the length of the sash and could be worn on both sides.



Horizontal rows of stylised flower heads woven in weft faced compound weave in mauve and pale blue alternating with coral and pale blue flowerheads and curling leaves, the two borders with not dissimilar flowers and leaves, between guard stripes of dark brown arrowheads, the ground worked in a gold wrapped silk.

3 pieces similar 20 x 14 1/2  in; 50 x 37 - £ 275 each


The edges are fraying but otherwise in very good state.





Reflections on the Polish Nobleman's Attire in the Sarmatian Tradition. George E Borchard.  Costume, no. 4, 1970, pp. 13-22; Fig. 19, p. 21

Price: on request

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