Toile Skirt Early 19th century

Toile Skirt
Early 19th century

Large Fichu 1780s

Large Fichu

Quilted Petticoat 1750-75

Quilted Petticoat

Chinese Painted  1770s

Chinese Painted

Rare Short Cloak c 1770

Rare Short Cloak
c 1770

Painted Dress Silk 1770s

Painted Dress Silk

Orientalist Apron c 1770

Orientalist Apron
c 1770

Brocade Waistcoat c 1750

Brocade Waistcoat
c 1750

Leather Boots 17th style

Leather Boots
17th style

Dutch Boy's Coat 18th c

Dutch Boy's Coat
18th c

Rare Tassels 1590-1610

Rare Tassels

Embroidered Shoes 1740's/50's

Embroidered Shoes

Mrs Darcy's! 18th c

Mrs Darcy's!
18th c

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English Dress 17th & 18th century

From Elizabethan through the Georgian period. Caracaos or jackets; Quilted & embroidered petticoat, neck kerchiefs and fichus, a bergere hat, a coif, reticules, gloves and shoes. Men’s stocks and powdering shirts, a embroidered night cap and knitted stockings. Cord quilted baby bonnet; A child's dress. Antique Dress. Antique Costume