Passementarie Folder 18th c

Passementarie Folder
18th c

Silver/Gold Brocade  1760s

Silver/Gold Brocade

140 Curtain Hooks Early 20th c

140 Curtain Hooks
Early 20th c

Chenille Curtain c 1900

Chenille Curtain
c 1900

Tassel Fringing 1880's

Tassel Fringing

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Antique Woven Textiles 17th-20th century

Eighteenth century Norwich worsted wool damasks and calimancoes; French and German weavings, Early eighteenth century Bizarre silks and dress or furnishing silk and velvets; 18th century Spitalfields silks. Spitalfields silk dress brocade. Huguenot weavers.