Norwich Worsted Textiles 18th c

I rather hope that this essay will spark some discussion about the use and distribution of this significant group of English woven textiles. Were Norwich stuffs widely used in the UK but have simply not survived? Were they intended primarily for export? Are there unrecognised examples in British museums? What made them so attractive to both northern European and Portuguese markets? How substantial was the trade to North America? Was all the trade via London or direct to the Continent from Norfolk ports? I would be pleased to hear from museums who know or think they may have examples of Norwich woven woollens.

For the information gathered so far my thanks to: Frank Gardiner; Juliette Van Seters; Berit Eldvik, curator of costume, Nordisk Museum; Gieneke Arnolli, Fries Museum; my neighbours Romee Day and Carien Van Der Hoop, for helping with translation; Edwina Ehrman, Claire Browne and Susan North at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

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