I would be delighted to give a valuation on an item. I make a charge of £30 for items up to £1,000 and would give a good reduction for several pieces, i.e. pieces of lace or small inexpensive items.

If you would initially like to send me some digital photos I can advise you if it is worth your while undertaking the valuation. When I have seen the photos I would only advise your having a valuation if your item was worth more than £100. I need good clear photographs. One of the whole item; close ups of front and back details, for shawls and fabrics, together with measurements and condition. Hold the piece up to the light and see if you can see any holes or darns. Value depends on quality, rarity, condition and the item's use today. Once you have paid by credit card or bank I will reply with the date of the item, information about the piece and the value.

For insurance valuations please contact me.

Payment can be made by Worldpay using a credit or debit card MasterCard and Visa. Or you can pay bank to bank.

Please contact me by email for further payment instructions.

See also About me for credentials.

I source, research and sell examples of antique dress and textiles and have been advising and selling to collectors, museums, decorators, designers and enthusiasts in the UK, Europe, North America and beyond for 35 years. I am based in Hackney, East London.